The progressive aging of the Spanish population, due to the increase in life expectancy and the reduction in the mortality rate, is going to make the future of pensions increasingly complicated. 

At this rate, in a few years, there will be more retired Spaniards than active workers, which seriously compromises the functioning of the public pension system. 

For this reason, experts believe that it is necessary to complement this system with an investment in physical gold, an ideal formula to ensure a peaceful retirement with the same purchasing power that one had while active.

It is necessary to be aware of the need to complement public pensions with other assets that allow enjoying a peaceful retirement. And investment gold is the perfect complement to the public pension system.

The Pension Piggy Bank

The situation of the so-called Social Security Reserve Fund, popularly known as the “pension piggy bank”, is very delicate. 

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The Government contemplated in the 2019 Budget the granting of credit by the State, in the amount of 15,164 million euros, which would allow it to face the pending payments to retirees between now and the end of the year.


However, these Budgets were not approved and those of 2018 had to be extended, which means that the credit granted by the State would be the same amount requested the previous year by the Government: 13,830 million euros.


An amount that will force the Socialist Executive to practically exhaust the Social Security Reserve Fund, in which there will be barely 16 million euros left, after making the 2019 payments, of the almost 67,000 million that it had in 2011.

National Pension System

In addition to dealing with this immediate need for liquidity to pay pensions, the Social Security data do not allow very optimistic forecasts to be made for the coming years, since the increase in spending on pensions is advancing at a much higher rate than the collection of the system, which causes the deficit to continue to rise, creating a real “hole” in the public accounts.

This situation of the public pension system has long been used by insurance companies as an argument to “sell” their private pension plans. The former Prime Minister himself commented at the beginning of 2018:

“Public powers must encourage long-term savings, which serve as a complement to the public pension.”

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As recalled, pension plans have existed for 30 years and have a customer base of more than eight million people, with total accumulated savings of more than 100,000 million euros.

Gold is the perfect complement to pensions

This is nothing new since in neighboring countries, such as Italy, France, or Germany, it is very common for citizens to save by buying small pieces of gold, ingots, or coins, which will become the formula to guarantee that when retirement comes they will continue to maintain the same purchasing power.

Without a doubt, this is an example that citizens should follow if they want to face the future calmly. 

This is precisely the objective to ensure that they complement the income from Social Security with that extra money that will allow them to maintain purchasing power and the level of life they had before retiring.